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Hi all! This text is first created in January 1998. It is meant for people who want to learn HTML. This text will remain FREE. Please do not be fooled if someone is going to charge you a fee for this. At the meantime, this text only contains six chapters, I will continue to update it so that it will include more chapters. This text is not meant to teach you how to design a Web page. Instead, it teaches you how to use HTML to create Web pages(HTML pages). That is why you don't see fancy colour or graphic within this text. The latest version of this text can be downloaded from:

You can read this text online or just download it to read it on your computer. Please remember not to alter any information inside this text. If you want this text to be put onto your Website, please do so. And if you are going to alter the information inside this text, please do not distribute the altered copies!

That is all I want to say. Enjoy!


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