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This is a list of free websites on the internet. Comments are given by us for each of the site available in this list. If you have a free website which is not in our list, feel free to email us at:

Geocities 11 mb This site has a fast connection speed but I dislike the floating 'g' sign.
Fortunecity 20 mb Though this site offer bigger space, but it is slow! Go and see if you like this site.
Tripod 11 mb Connection is slow, but it allows you to put advertisement on your page!
Xoom 12 mb Connection is fast. No advertisement allowed. But they offer a program which allows you to make money by helping them out to sell stuff.
FreeYellow 12 mb I experienced some connection problem when I tried to load some of its page.
Homestead 12 mb Connection speed is fast. Build a homestead instead of a website!... they said.
Spaceports 1 mb If you think the space allowed is enough, then go ahead. But they allow you to upgrade the space if you want to.
Wowsites 12 mb Connection is slow. If you still want to try out, please do so.
Hypermart unknown This site is specially for business page only. If you are planning to make a personal website, then try another place.
AngelFire 5 mb This site is very suitable for beginners! If you are a beginner, then you should try this out first.
Acme City 20 mb They encourage you to put on artists' photos on their site. Go and have a look even if you don't want to sign up.
Webjump 25 mb They say they are having an ultra-fast server. I will let you to judge this by yourself.
Spree unlimited This site offers unlimited space to you. They also let you to help them to sell their products on your website. One way to earn money on the internet.
Freeservers 12 mb They let you to choose from a list of name instead of only. The lists are,,, and

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